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About Neon Realty

Our real estate office is located beneath the eternal rocks of the castle and in one of the most picturesque and vivid streets of the country. We are looking forward to engaging in a pleasant discussion with you, exchange ideas, as well as recommend to you the best possible solutions.

We specialise in buying and selling houses, flats, plots of land and businesses in Naxos, Paros and the Small Cyclades.

Stella Kavallari, the real estate manager who has 10 years of experience, will listen to you carefully and help you house your – personal or professional – dreams in the most ideal way.

Ioannis Eleftheriou, the technical director who is an expert on the culture of Naxos and the wider Aegean region, will offer you his valuable advice and ensure that your dream home is in harmony with the Cyclades landscape and respects the architectural tradition of the past centuries.

His 40 years of experience in the architecture design,restoration, exchange, construction and reconstruction of traditional houses, guarantees his active contribution.
⁃ Because we believe that the architectural tradition we care for can be beautifully combined with the contemporary style we seek for through our professional work.
⁃ Because we look forward to a dynamic presence on the internet, worthy of our course of action.
⁃ Because we consider that responding to market needs is a requirement for the survival and subsequently the development of each and every business activity.

If your dreams are made of the Aegean saltiness…
If you wake up in the morning and you still have this ‘taste of storm on your lips’…
If you like sunny days and magical nights…
If you believe that your secret wishes are too valuable to entrust them to random strangers…

Then your destination is the Cyclades islands and the Neon Estate Agency which is located in the island of Naxos.

We have decided to substancially complement our successful real estate services via our present website. We invite you to browse around our site and gain information about house plans, restorations, costs and investment advice using the language you are more familiar with ( Greek, English or Italian).

If you would like to buy, sell, invest or just need information about Naxos, do not hesitate to contact us.

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