Traditional house Apeiranthos Naxos



In one of the most traditional villages of Naxos,

the stone-built, marble fortress-like village hidden in the center of the island keeps its beauty unchanged over time, keeps the history of  Naxos alive and remains unforgettable to every visitor …

in one of the many traditional stone-built houses there is also a wonderful one for sale inside the settlement that gives a wonderful wild beauty. a home made with love and adorned with its fabulously hand-crafted traditional furnishings, as well as the wooden ceilings,

it raises the interest of every visitor and feels that it is at a time when he really wanted to live.

a house with two separate entrances and a lovely terrace that can be enjoyed by unique moments looking at the wonderful beauty around it.

its location is wonderful and very quiet, crossing the village’s stone alleys and enjoying the image reaching the entrance to the house.

has an area of ​​80.00 square meters is on two levels, with wonderful large bedrooms and with amazing cuisine,

where there is the old traditional built baker. style old mansion.

with some relieving bows marble on above from the doors, as the old architects of traditional architectural design have said.