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About Schoinousa

Schinoussa is one of the smallest inhabited islands of the Cyclades, with an area of ​​just over 8 square kilometers. Located south of Naxos, which is administratively owned, it is one of the five islands that constitute the so-called “Small Cyclades” (along with Heraklia, Dunnousa, Koufonissia and the uninhabited Keros).

Skonousa has been a popular holiday destination in recent years and there are many good reasons for it. It is small in size and you can even walk on foot and visit its beautiful beaches to swim and relax. It has good tourist infrastructure and welcoming locals who will make the best of your vacation. It attracts conscious visitors – lovers of alternative tourism who help not lose its identity and authenticity.

What stands out in recent years and has become a well-known destination is the fava feast. Below we refer to this feast and fava seed.

Schinoussa produces and celebrates

An example of the value of the rare fruits of Greek land is the special fava, otherwise the fava, as they call it in Schinoussa! The particular seed that is cultivated on the island comes from the leguminous katsuni – pisum sativum – (and not from the sting, like the favs we usually eat), making this variety sweeter and softer.
It is noteworthy that he won the first place at the Cyclades Gastronomy Festival in Sifnos in September 2012. His seed and cultivation passed down from generation to generation. As a stored product, it was a staple food throughout the year. Anyway, in the barren Cycladic islands, like all Koufonisia, the land offers little.

“Katsouni” was moved by immigrants from Amorgos in the 19th century and has since been cultivated in Schinoussa uninterruptedly, since it found the ideal soil conditions for its prosperity and is a major product of the island.

The Favas Festival is organized in Schinoussa and is dedicated to the local product of the island, fava. It is a high nutritional agricultural product with a long tradition on the island. The importance of fava for residents is of great importance as it has been able to attract young people to return to the island and engage in its production. The regeneration of fava cultivation is therefore directly linked to the regeneration of tourism and the local economy.

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