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2 Villas in Orkos, Naxos

  • Property ID: NNR030 950,000€
Orkos, Naxos, Greece


2  Luxury Villas in South side of island Naxos in Orkos,

are available for sale, with amazing and unique sea view also and the Location.

Very important details about this Project.

The total area of ​​the house is 231.48 m2 with a coverage of 231.48 m2.

The building consists of two wings, A and B, which are organized linearly and parallel to the natural slope of the ground. The architectural composition is characterized by these parallel zones, which emphasize the linearity of the composition, which encompass both the building blocks and the exterior spaces of the dwelling. Both the volumes and the outer shaded areas have openings and unobstructed views west to the sea and the island of Paros.

The building set is protected from the north by a large volume of rock on the side of the road, which is locally formed and is the access point to the set. In this way, the house is protected from the north winds and is exposed only to the sea side.

The architectural composition as a whole is extroverted and mild,

creating a set of open and accessible, unifying the built spaces of the residence with the outer courtyards.

Wing A develops at

the eastern end of the plot, and is formed by three total spaces: two elongated underground volumes, parallel to each other,

sliding, terminating at the northeast end of the plot in the third, excavated area, which has a direct access to a swimming pool serving the A wing.

The first two volumes incorporate light shading elements (pergola), on their lean side protecting them from the northern front. The excavation area houses a shading system freely positioned and at a distance from the masonry.

Wing B develops at the West end of the plot, consisting of a total of three volumes: at the South end of a volume (corresponding to morphology with the wings of A wing), which is in contact with the central core of Wing B, organized with a corresponding synthetic sliding logic,  but with a smaller distance between the tumours,  creating a more coherent set.

In the NW end of the set there is a cave space.

The swimming pool is placed centrally on the wing.

The entrance to the building is accessed from the northern part of the plot,

from the parking lot, which is common to the two wings. From there the two wings are distributed separately and in opposite directions – to the east (upward) for the A wing, and west (downward) for the B wing.

Entrance to Wing A is made by steps that follow the natural terrain,

alongside the swimming pool, which lead to the courtyard of the cave.

From this backyard, stairs lead south to the building with their children’s rooms and bathrooms, and from they’re via a staircase west,

to the last building volume which houses the main bedroom with bathroom. The latter is located remotely, at a prime location of the plot, which serves its privacy.

Entrance to wing B is as in A, but in the opposite direction (downhill),

with stairs following the slope of the ground, leading gradually and through gradual configurations to the main entrance.

From this level,

one can access the south wing of the B wing, which houses the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, and on the west a staircase,

and the access to the dormitory that houses the children’s bedrooms with their bathrooms.

In contact with the central core to the south is an outdoor space, from where a staircase leads east to the main bedroom and bathroom building volume, which is located at a higher level for privacy reasons.

The basements of the two wings house boilers and storerooms, accessed by an external staircase from the children’s bedroom building to Wing A, while for

Wing B, outside the building with the main bedroom. The water tank is located in wing A outside the south of the building with the children’s bedrooms, with a locker on the same level.

In Wing B, the water tank is located at the south end of the swimming pool area, with a visit door at the same level.

The building blocks are stone like the traditional architecture of the Naxos tower houses, while at the same time achieving complete harmonization of the landscape, without contradicting the characteristic natural elements, incorporating the composition into the landscape of the landscape. .

The apertures of the tumours

are repeated at focal points to achieve and regulate natural lighting and ventilation, creating a spaceless and complete arrangement that does not disrupt the forms.

the fill walls will be made of local stone. The pergolas are made of solid timber, the wooden frames become monochrome gray. Other elements (parapets, retaining walls) etc.


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  • Address Orkos, Naxos
  • City Naxos
  • State/county Greece
  • Zip/Postal Code 84300

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