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The Koufonisia Cyclades

  • 9th March 2016
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The Koufonisia Cyclades

Welcome to Koufonisia

On Koufonissia space and time dimensions are different from what established theory has led you to expect.
You don’t need a watch. If you have brought it along, put it away in the deepest recess of your luggage.
You will get up when your eyes seek the scenery.
Eat when your taste buds seek delight.

Drink when the spirit is satiated.

You do not need an elaborate wardrobe. Bring your most casual clothes, they will suit the carefree mood of the place. Walk in the sun or the moonlight and smile at the contented faces that you will see along the way. Above all, you do not need a car. At last, you will not have to drive during your stay on the island. If you do bring a car, just park it near your accommodation and forget about it. You will certainly agree that the whisper of the sea and the cries of seabirds are more pleasant than the sound of car horns or the groan of engines.

Whatever you seek is right beside you or a short walk away. A pleasant walk or bike ride along the coast will get you everywhere. Alternatively you can use the excursion boats or your own boat even. The inhabitants will be more than willing to help with anything you might require. Alone is only out of choice here, as everyone and everything come together to a form a harmonious whole.

You will relax, lie on the soft sand, swim in the turquoise water,
forget your obligations and love desire, forget the artificial simulation of life in the cities,
surrender to the embrace of the sun, dream under countless stars and a friendly smiling moon…


Welcome to Paradise

In a few lines we will try to describe our island to you.

The islands belong in the group of Mikres Anatolikes Cyclades. They comprise Pano Koufonissi, or Koufonissi plain as it is the only inhabited island in the group, Kato Koufonissi, while Glaronissi and Keros complete the picture.

Pano and Kato Koufonissi are separated by a narrow strait, a mere 200 metres wide. Geographically they are located southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. Southwest of the Koufonissia is Schinoussa, and right after that is Iraklia. Around the larger islands there are also 14 islets which you can visit if you have your own boat.

Pano Koufonissi has an area of 3.5 square kilometres. There is a population of 440 permanent inhabitants, mainly engaged in fishing and tourist activities, while farming and animal breeding serve mainly household needs. However, the island’s fishing fleet, considered in proportion to the size of its population, is the largest in Greece and fresh fish and seafood delicacies are sure to tempt you to the table. Koufonissi is the smallest inhabited island of the Cyclades and you will certainly not need a car to enjoy its tranquility.

On the rest of the island you will discover Smaller Beaches with fine or larger pebbles. Less visited, they will make you feel as if you are alone on the island. The highest elevation on the island is 113m. Due to the very slight differences in altitude on Koufonissi walking is a very easy and pleasant activity. There are scenic footpaths, typically signposted, to guide your footsteps to your destination, perhaps a beach, via an alternative route. Other than heading for a beach you might also walk to Profitis Ilias, which affords an exquisite view to half the island and the surrounding islands, or walk north on the footpath that will eventually bring you to the beach of Pori. Those who are no great fans of walking can hire bikes or use the excursion boat or the small local bus. In any case you will not need a car. On Pano Koufonissi you will find:

  • Cashpoint
  • Chemist’s shop
  • Doctor’s surgery
  • Marina
  • Petrol Station
  • 8×8 football field
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • Gym
  • Children’s playground
  • 3 mini markets

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